Your rights

(and on violence)


Was it really that bad?

Your independence

Pressing Charges

Learning to say no 

Ain't no shame in it


Trying to Heal


What's PTSD

Specifics for cult survivors

Sexual abuse 


Healing takes time





(a much needed hug)


You're not alone

Accepting Help

Strength beyond words

It's okay to miss people

Compassion for yourself

It get's better (really)




disobedience is not sin



Attractivenes of Cults

open "I want you"

"You are special"

"Don't deal with your old problems anymore"


Langone: Proclaim great happiness yet hide great suffering


Self re-emerges:

  • realization of how bad it was

  • facing the truth

  • depression

  • overwhelmed

  • guilt

  • confussion

It's actually an unpleasant if not painful process when pre-cult reemerges (for some)\




- uncomfortable to be different?



Katharina Meredith bietet Beratung und Fachkenntnisse in den Bereichen:

  • destruktive Gruppen und Sekten

  • totalitäre Denkweisen

  • Identitätsverlust, Druck und Zwang

  • Ausstieg und Neuanfang

  • Selbstbestimmung