International Cultic Studies Association


An abundance of research, workshops for former group members, and an annual international conference make this site an important resource.

Bill & Lorna Goldberg


Bill and Lorna Goldberg have been working with ex-cult members for quite a while, especially second generation. Good articles and support group.


Freedom of Mind



This is Steve Hassan's site. The BITE model to describe mind control, a really good secion on picking a counselor, as well as how he can help ex-cult members (counseling).





Decission Making Confidence


This website by David Mc Dermott provides a lot of interesting information around mind control, psychopaths, and overcoming cult personality.




Great information for men who have been abused sexually (but works for a lot of emotional abuse too).

Cult Research



This is Janja Lalich's website with good information.


Exit and Support Network